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Vinyl Weapon Stickers is a small family owned and operated business.  Since 2012 We have been offering the most unique and innovative stickers and stencils for your enjoyment.  We truly were the first business that sold stickers and stencils specifically for AR 15 magazines and expanded to a multitude of selection that you see today.  Our business started out with a very humble beginning, where we only offered a few different items.  Our very first item was the "Zombie Hunter" weapon pack and the "Zombie Kill Marks" side sticker pack.  Our business quickly grew to offer side caliber stickers, a multitude of front mag designs, and then we started designing stencils and various camouflage patterns as well in 2014.  

Members of our business currently serve our country protecting against those who would harm us, and honoring others that do as well is important to us.  Because of this, we offer a discount to active Law Enforcement and Military.  Please contact us either below or on the FAQ page with your agency issued email address and we will send you a code for 10% all products.  Thank you for your service!

We are "located" in Kentucky, but our presence reaches worldwide, and we are grateful for our vast customer base.  Our entire family is involved in the production of this business, to even include our teenage children who assist in the day to day processing of orders. 


We recently decided to attempt to break away from eBay as our main storefront and host our own website.  The major reason behind this is because eBay has become increasingly difficult to work with in regards to selling items or "accessories" for firearms.  Their extreme anti gun stance made it difficult for us to continue there.  Our "sticker" listings (yes, you read that right) were constantly being removed because they had "AR" or "Magazine" listed in their title.  We understand their right to operate this way, but we feel that we need to attempt to separate in order to back businesses that support the 2nd amendment.  Starting now, we are drastically reducing our footprint on eBay until our site can drive enough traffic so that we don't need to utilize them.  We hope that with your support we can continue to grow and offer you more cool designs and innovative patterns for your firearms!

For those of us that have been part of our business family for years know that we will always do anything to make sure that our customers are 100% happy, as customer satisfaction is very important to us.  If you ever have a problem with your order, please contact us so we can fix it.  


One area that we do differ from the norm these days is being able to curtail to the generation of instant gratification.  I know amazon and lots of other businesses can ship items the same day and are able to to have a stock on hand.  We unfortunately can't offer that quick of a turnaround.  All of our stickers and stencils are custom cut as the orders come in, and this does take time.  Some of our more intricate stencils take 30 to 45 minutes to cut just one set.  Because of this, we have an advertised 5 day handling time.  In many instances, we will be able to ship out your order faster, however it may take our advertised 5 business days.  We promise that the wait is worth it as our products are top notch.    

Please tell your friends and family about our products, and make sure you say hi to us on our various social media outlets!  Also, if you want to sign up for our subscription list, you can get exclusive deals and discounts!  Sign up HERE.  Thank you for your support and business!


The Keary Family


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