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Instructions for Vinyl Sticker Application:


If you are applying on a receiver or a difficult surface, after cleaning really well, take masking tape, apply to the surface, then remove.  Do this a few times to make the surface a little tacky.  This will give the sticker something to grab onto at first, as it needs time to bond.  Also read tips further down the page!

*The most important part of this process is to clean your surface first, removing all oils.  Use a solvent cleaner and alcohol to ensure the surface is oil free.  These stickers will stick to ALL surfaces except for Teflon coated mags.  To remove them simply apply high heat from a blow dryer.  

Instructions for Vinyl STENCIL Application:

Instructions for Mag Base Plate Cover Application:

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Tips for Tricky Applications of Vinyl STICKERS:
Sometimes you come across surfaces that the sticker doesn't want to stick to right away but should, these could be surfaces that are non porous, such as Kydex holsters, sometimes receivers on weapons, or even some mags.  If you go to put the sticker on and it doesn't want to stick, don't worry, you can still get an amazing seal on these, it might just take a little extra effort.  First, if this happens, use alcohol and clean again REALLY well.  Apply masking tape on the area, then remove.  Do this a few times to tack up the surface, plus it removes small pieces of dust and imperfections.  Then, take a heat gun or hairdryer, and warm the surface  and even some light heat on the sticker can't hurt (don't put too much, it can damage it).  From there, place the sticker on your desired location and hold it there and put pressure down on it.  Don't try to peel off the transfer tape yet.  Take a clean rag or foam (I use a foam press for Kydex) to push down on the sticker so that there is pressure keeping it on the item, and it helps it get into the "nooks and crannies" of some surfaces like pmags and kydex.  After letting it sit for a few minutes, you can attempt to peel the transfer tape back.  Even if it doesn't feel like it is sticking at this point, it can still work and get a great seal, I have done it.  If it isnt sticking well and you are pulling back the transfer tape, you may have to take your finger and hold down the pieces of the sticker as you peel back the transfer tape, or even some tools or small pieces to help get your hands in there (I have used the side of an x-acto knife).  Be patient, it is worth it.  Once you get it off, firmly press down on the sticker with your thumb and press the sticker into the product.  Let it sit for a few minutes.  If you want, you can then take heat and warm it up and put it under foam for a few minutes of pressure.  After that, let it sit and it should have a nice seal to it  The troublesome stickers that I have had on these surfaces are almost as if they are painted on after following these instructions.
If you are having trouble with your application, PLEASE CONTACT US at so we can assist you in your problem.  Thanks! 
**A note on PMags:  Even if Pmags are brand new, please make sure you clean them with alcohol.  Stickers won't stick to them until after this has been done.  Afterwards, makes sure you heat them up as suggested above and put pressure down with foam for that painted on look!


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