We feel it is important to not forget the significance of the 2nd amendment.  Without the 2nd, there is nothign else to protect the other amendments from either Tyranny or foreign invaders.  


The second photo is and example using these by the very talented 313Tactical.  After providing these stencils for him, we tweaked them and have put them in a pack.  PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the small cursive spots, it is almost impossible to use the letters as a male pattern.  You will need to use them strictly as a female pattern as shown in the photos (shown weeded).  Because of this intricate design, small "dots" or circles, etc. may be missing as they get stuck to the blade.  This will not affect the overall design, and you will still be able to get the clean look you are looking for when painted.  


You get one  11" by 8" (approx) sheet. As with all of my stencils this will come unweeded so that you can use either the male or female portion depending on your design needs.

Bill of Rights Second Amendment Stencil Pack