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You get one six pack, approximate size of each sticker is no larger than 3.75" by .65" depending on the custom request.


***This pack is for a custom caliber designation that is not listed as an option.  PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE ORDERING to confirm that your order is eligible for this.   We also have a bunch of designs already completed that are not listed.  If that is the case, we won't charge you the custom price.  Thanks!


These are designed to go on the side of a 30 round AR mag, and will be displayed on the section of the mag outside of the magwell, and will not interfere with the funciton of the magazine in and out of the magwell.  These will fit on many other different types of magazines for firearms other than AR's.  

Available colors:  White, Black, Grey, Tan, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Neon Green, Stencil Vinyl.

Custom Caliber AR Mag Side Sticker 6 Pack

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