These are amazing new products we have at Vinyl Weapon Stickers!  These are stencils designed for Glock style slides, but will work on many other size firearm.  These are designed to mimic unique milling designs that are very popular right now, yet can give you the look of Milling without the expensive price tag or compromised integrity of the slide.  We have 5 very popular designs to choose from, or you can choose all 5 in a pack at a reduced price!  Each stencil pack is 7" by 2.6". 


As with all of our stencils, this comes unweeded.  Some trimming/ modifications may be needed depending on model/ generation/ dimensions.  These can be customized by removing certain elements to fit different lengths, or you can combine various designs.  

Custom Milled Designs Stencil Packs for GLOCK