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We've had this one on the drawing board for a while and we finally finished this!  Super Excited about this one!  We of course added our own slight twist and have small dimples in the bars to make them look more "war torn" and add some unique flavor to this already awesome concept camo.  

You get one 11" by 7" sheet of the blobs and one 7" by 5" of the bars.  We have also added a digital interpretation of using most of the stencils for a 10" by 14" area. 

We'd love to see your finished products!  Please send us pics!

As with all of my stencils this will come unweeded so that you can use either the male or female portion depending on your design needs.

T Block Camo Stencil Pack


    Due to a nationwide shortage of Avery SF-100-235 high bake stencil vinyl, we have had to purchase NON high bake matte yellow Avery SF-100-231-S. All of our stencil vinyl being sold will not be able to be baked at high temperatures until further notice. We will let you know when it returns in stock. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks!

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