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Q: How long does it take to ship?
A: We advertise a 5 business day turnaround.  In many cases your order will ship will ship in only a few days.  We are however a small family run business and all of our orders are custom cut as they come in, and there are times when we are inundated with orders and need the full 5 days to fulfill orders.  If you are a gunsmith or a company that is relying on an order for a specific date, please contact us below or leave a note in your order so that we can do our best to accommodate you.  
Q: Do you offer tracking?
A: For most of our orders, they will be shipped by USPS First Class Mail in a standard sized envelope.  Please don't mistake it for junk email.  Unfortunately tracking is not available for this service.  For larger orders of multiple sticker sets or stencils (Generally $20 and above) we will upgrade to a tracking service.  
Q: There is a problem with my order.  Please Help!
A: Please let us know about any problem you have.  If we don't know about it, we can't fix it.  We only want happy customers and we will do everything in our power to make your problem right.  Many problems are often fixed with a simple message, so please contact us below if you have an issue.
Q: Do these stickers stick on P-Mags?
A: Yes, these do, but it is very important to clean the surface first.  Even brand new out of the packaging, P Mags have something on them that interacts with the adhesive.  Make sure you clean brand new mags with alcohol and let them dry before use.  For all magazines that have been used, we recommend using a solvent like Hoppes #9, then drying and using alcohol on the entire surface.  A tip one of our customers came up with was to use LIGHT heat and take a square match head to get the sticker to warp around the edge of the multiple ridges that are on P-Mags.  Be careful with the heat as that is how you remove the stickers!
Q: These stickers aren't sticking to my gun!  Now What?
A: Oil kills adhesive, and that can be a problem when applying to firearm surfaces or accessories.  For all surfaces where you are going to place a sticker, we recommend using a solvent like Hoppes #9, then drying and using alcohol on the entire surface.  Even your fingers naturally have oil on them, so make sure you clean the surface entirely and carefully.  The mag stickers are made from an extremely durable outdoor vinyl, and they are designed to face adverse conditions.  Once they are on, they will last years!  If you are having lots of trouble, it is possible that your surface is either very porous or has a teflon coating, which wont allow for the stickers to work.  Please make sure you are following the INSTRUCTIONS on our site.  If you are still having trouble, please contact us, we will make it right.  
Q: How do I remove these from my magazine?
A: The only reason you should remove these is to buy more cool designs from us!  If you still want to remove the sticker, just use some heat from a blow dryer or heat gun, then carefully peel the sticker off.  Don't go too hot or you will melt the sticker, which can cause a mess.  You may need to use some adhesive remover like Goo Gone after your sticker comes off to remove any adhesive residue left over.  The stencil vinyl will remove fairly easy without heat as it is designed for easy on, easy off application.  
Q: I want 3 black and 3 red in a six pack.  Do you split packs?
A: No, we don't, but you can order two six packs!
Q: How many stencil packs do I need for my rifle?
A: The general answer is that you will need 2 to 3 to do an M4 sized rifle.  However, this all depends on the stencil pattern (are both the female and male sections usable?), and how "tight" of a pattern do you want?  A lot of this is personal preference.  If you want a more spread out pattern, you won't need as many.  For our one paged designs (topoflage, vectorflage, etc.) you will need more as the stencil doesn't cover as much space, plus they look better in a tight pattern.  
Q: Can I order your sticker pack, but in the stencil vinyl for Duracoat or Cerakote?
A: Yes, you can.  When you go to purchase the pack, the last color option for the sticker pack is "stencil vinyl".  It is a dark yellow, and it is specially made to withstand the baking process of Duracoat and Cerakote.  Simply click on that color option.  It will be sent unweeded, with both the female and the male sections intact as we send our normal stencil packs.   This way you can turn any of our sticker designs into a high quality stencil.   


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