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One full sheet (approx 7" by 11") and one half sheet (approx 7" by 5").  This stencil is different from our other Desert Night Camo in that the blobs can't be moved.  In our other pack, you can choose exactly where you want the blobs, but in this pack, you end up with more grid squares.  


You can make the exact color scheme of Desert Night camo as shown in our customer supplied photos, or you can change the color scheme (very popular right now)


This is an easy two color paint job.  Step one is spray the base coat, which will be the color of the grid lines and blobs.  Step 2 is apply the stencil, Step 3 is spray the 2nd color.   Step 4, after drying, remove the stencils and you have your pattern!  


As with all of my stencils this will come unweeded so that you can use either the male or female portion depending on your design needs.  

Desert Night Camo Combined Stencil Pack

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