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Legend has it, that if you are conducting a tactical training drill or operation, and you run out of ammo, magazines, flash bangs, CS grenades, or anything mission critical, you can yell out "Help Me SWAT Jesus", and if the good Lord decides to show his Grace upon you, a fellow operator or team mate/ squad mate/ officer/ or moderator will offer said item to you so you can complete your mission and save the day.   Request must be sincere, and is not redeemable with other coupons, discounts, or other hero offers.   

  • Many Applications for this slap, to include placing on hydro flasks, cars, windows, laptops, safes, pelican cases, ammo cans, and anywhere else you want to slap this!
  • Slap is approximately 2.5" by 2.5" (3" slap also available)
  • Slap is made from very durable weatherproof vinyl.
  • If you put this on a magazine, with heat application and pressure it can look painted on as shown in photo.  The vinyl will conform to the contour of the item you place it on.  
  • $4.50 for one, $7.50 for two, $9 for three

HELP ME SWAT JESUS 2.5 inch Slap

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