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16 Guns pointed point blank at John Wick.  Sounds like Decent Odds for Baba Yaga.  Those poor souls behind those guns won't know what killed them it will happen so fast.  

  • Many Applications for this slap, to include placing on hydro flasks, cars, windows, laptops, safes, pelican cases, ammo cans, and anywhere else you want to slap this!
  • Slap is approximately 5 3/4" by 2 5/8" 
  • Slap is made from very durable weatherproof vinyl.
  • If you put this on a contoured surface (Like a PMAG), with heat application and pressure it can look painted on as shown in photo.  The vinyl will conform to the contour of the item you place it on. 
  • $7 for one, $12 for two, $15 for three

John Wick "Decent Odds" Large SLAP

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